Flexitron® Treatment Delivery

Safety through simplicity

Redesigning treatment delivery – Completely

More logic, fewer variables.  The Flexitron afterloading platform has optimized the treatment delivery process, based on an analysis of your workflow. With five simple yet ingenious features, we have created a new way of working, introducing a new standard in afterloading. The Flexitron afterloading platform supports the clinical team to work safely and efficiently, so you can be confident that execution of all steps in the workflow will proceed as planned.

A safe investment for the future

In our view, brachytherapy is a world of limitless horizons. The Flexitron afterloading  platform, with its unique 21st century technology and design, will take you there. Flexitron’s architecture supports upgradability to future innovations. The Flexitron afterlaoding platform is state-of-the-art, and efficient from investment and training perspectives.

Why the Flexitron afterloading platform?

  • Afterloader designed for safety by reducing workflow complexity
  • Boosting your clinical team’s confidence and efficiency
  • Fully connected with MOSAIQ and all major OIS systems
  • Safe investment in treatment delivery solution with future upgrade potential