Oncentra® Brachy Treatment Planning

Time to focus on what counts

Creating a highly conformal plan can be a time-consuming task. The latest version of Oncentra Brachy offers a series of useful tools that facilitate many of the repetitive tasks for you, such as contouring and reconstruction. Oncentra Brachy buys you time to focus on what counts: designing the optimal dose distribution.

Comprehensive treatment planning for brachytherapy

You can easily navigate to any plane that offers the most relevant information regarding the areas of interest. ‘Template’ solutions for repetitive tasks, such as the brand new Implant Modeling tool and the well-used Applicator Modeling feature help to reduce implant reconstruction time. DVH presets and the ROI Catalog Manager lead to improved accuracy and reproducibility. Powerful inverse planning optimization automates volume-based planning fast and efficient. A dashboard with DVH settings allows for instant visual plan evaluation and adjustment.

Oncentra Brachy comprehensive treatment planning helps you to accelerate your workflow and to optimize the accuracy of your treatment plan.

Why Oncentra Brachy radiotherapy treatment planning?

  • Easy mapping of patient anatomy through contouring in arbitrary planes
  • Reduced implant reconstruction time through Implant Modeling and Applicator Modeling
  • Simplified procedures through automatic dose optimization