Elekta Axesse™

Technically advanced, Clinically distinct

Why Axesse?

Elekta Axesse provides a dedicated solution for image-guided stereotaxy including, SRS, SRT SBRT / SABR, that incorporates not only the latest innovations from Elekta's comprehensive portfolio of neurosurgery and oncology solutions, but provides stereotactic precision with full-featured versatility. In practical terms that means better imaging, targeting and patient positioning. As many of the world's most respected clinicians have already discovered, Axesse delivers extraordinary utility and improved clinical confidence, managing the complexity of the radiation therapy process, so that you can focus on what matters most - patient care.

  • Industry-leading IGRT visualization and targeting
  • Stereotactic precision with full-featured versatility
  • Ultra-high resolution beam shaping
  • 45 cm isocenter clearance for maximum flexibility in treatment techniques
  • Accurate dose delivery through integrated digital control