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    Cancer Registry Data Management

    Cancer Registry Data Management

    METRIQ™ is Elekta’s Cancer Registry data solution, which integrates with MOSAIQ® to effectively support your cancer registry program through consistency and accuracy of case abstraction and streamlined data collection and communication, leading to more complete oncology data  management for outcomes reporting, as well as access to Elekta’s National Oncology Data Alliance™ (NODA™) for further benchmarking.

    METRIQ meets current regulatory reporting requirements and provides ready access to the data required to effectively review, analyze, and ultimately improve clinical outcomes. The status of all patients in the registry database is updated on an annual basis to provide information for survival and recurrent patterns for cancer programs. Elekta Software also provides tools to help track patient status and matches with comprehensive national mortality listings.

    The automatic data transfer of clinical charting information from MOSAIQ to METRIQ makes your cancer registry an effective extension of the cancer care program.

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