• Posted at 08:17' 07/07/2015

    Elekta MOSAIQ®

    MOSAIQ® Radiation Oncology Information System

    MOSAIQ is a complete patient information management system that centralizes radiation oncology, particle therapy and medical oncology patient data into a single user interface, accessible by multi-disciplinary teams across multiple locations. As a true open systems solution, MOSAIQ connects seamlessly to virtually any linear accelerator and planning system, giving centers the flexibility to choose the optimal treatment solutions for their practice and their patients. MOSAIQ provides comprehensive image, data and workflow management – from the single physician practice to the most sophisticated provider networks with hundreds of users. The single application offers users fast and efficient access to the right information when they need it.

    • Advanced personalization with configurable workspaces, multi-level preferences and single sign on for faster, easier information access and task completion.
    • Integrated safety and Quality Assurance tools, including clinician worksheets, quality checklists and care plans, biometric patient identification, and patient positioning and verification tools to summarize and support patient safety.
    • Unparalleled open systems and interface connectivity to one of the widest range of treatment planning systems and radiotherapy treatment delivery devices in the industry.
    • Configured for evidence-based medicine through the capture, analysis and application of patient outcome and treatment data from MOSAIQ.
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