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    Real-time Prostate Brachytherapy Solutions

    Truly integrated, fully dedicated

    Elekta’s Real-time Prostate Brachytherapy Solutions were developed with one goal in mind: offer a real-time workflow for HDR and LDR prostate brachytherapy, where the treatment is provided in one single session. The integration of all components in one prostate brachytherapy solution ensures that products interact seamlessly. With a design leading to highly conformal and uniform prostate brachytherapy treatment plans, users can be sure that clinical objectives are met in the most efficient and dedicated way. 

    Elekta’s family of prostate brachytherapy solutions combines both the HDR Real-time Prostate Brachytherapy Solution and the LDR Real-time Prostate Brachytherapy Solution for permanent seed implant procedures in one platform, making it very easy to expand a clinic’s prostate brachytherapy treatment options. With only a short learning curve required, and building on available technology and resources, investing in HDR and LDR Prostate Brachytherapy Solutions will always be a durable investment in quality and efficiency.

    Why Real-time Prostate Brachytherapy Solution?

    • Single non-stop prostate brachytherapy procedure minimizes movement of the patient and therefore minimizes implant shifts
    • Seamless integration of prostate brachytherapy products offers genuine real-time workflow
    • Instant sagittal imaging ensures optimal view of the target area at all times 
    • Powerful adaptive planning and ‘Traffic light’ evaluation facilitate fast creation of highly conformal prostate brachytherapy plans
    • Procedure guidance by Oncentra® treatment planning expedites treatments and ensures easy adoption 
    • Automated seedloader for safe seed handling and high implant quality (for LDR)

    Powerful solutions from the authority on brachytherapy

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